NextGen (High School Driver Education Program)

Coming in 2018 is our Mobile Classroom - with interactive driving simulators - risks of using devices whilst in control of a motor vehicle - Drug and alcohol effects with Training Programs utilizing FATAL VISION Goggles - plus much more! this program is being designed to engage students from grades 7 through to their final year at university. We are currently seeking input from Student Educators so please don't hesitate to give our head office a call.

ATV / Quad Bike Training

We are proud to present our NEW ATV/Quad Bike Training Course - As part of our aim to meet/exceed "Worlds Best Standards" and more importantly our wish of zero fatalities in the work place, we only employ educators/trainers that not only have the appropriate training qualifications but also are Subject Matter Experts in the field they are delivering. This passion and currency of knowledge is vital to the success and enjoyment of our all our Off Road Training courses.