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Smart Drive Pro at Symmons Plains

This Defensive Driver Education Program is aligned with the Qualification TLIC1051 (Operate Commercial Vehicle) and is very popular with professional businesses that are adhering to their duty of care for their staff. Many safety conscious businesses seek to enhance the well-being of their staff whom are often conducting duties/services that require them to spend many hours on roads, highways, urban and gravel roads and so on. Many of this demographic are operating out of their company vehicles on job sites, carting equipment/freight etc therefore enduring night/day driving, fatigue, stress and driving multiple vehicles in all conditions.

Course consists of: Both interactive classroom and on ROAD/TRACK driver training, highlighting globally recognized "Worlds Best Practices" techniques and understanding current vehicle dynamics and controls, General to technical maintenance included (Subject to organisational requirements) Suitable for Passenger cars, People Movers, 4 Wheel Drives, All Wheel Drives and Light Commercial Vehicles. 

Motorsafe Tasmania Educators demonstrate the risks a driver faces when driving beyond a vehicles capabilities all within a safe and enjoyable environment. Training contains the latest research from around the world including Monash University and is based to meet/exceed Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQTF) requirements.

Course Content:

    Drivers skill perception

    Travel and Jouney Planning
 Seating position and driver balance
 Correct steering technique
 Employees obligations whilst in charge of a motor vehicle
 Crash Avoidance Space (CAS)
 Correct following distance and how to achieve it
 Perception reaction time (PRT)
 Hazard identification
 Vehicle position and visibility
 Advanced mirror usage
 Peripheral vision
 Advisory signs
 Pre-Start inspections and fault reporting
 Driving in adverse weather conditions
 Vehicle cabin safety
 Importance of correct tyre inflation and benefits associated
 Anti-lock brakes (ABS) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
 Fatigue management
 Vehicle and trailer safe loading techniques.

Practical exercise objectives:

  • On road driver evaluation – Use of the controls including gears (auto & manual), brakes and steering.
  • Selected manoeuvres conducted at higher speeds while in a safe environment.
  • Decision-making process and consequences involved.
  • Slalom and cornering manoeuvres concentrating on vision placement skills, smoothness, balance and vehicle dynamics.
  • Collision avoidance exercises.
  • Wet road driving / Skid Control (Subject to training environment and water restrictions).
  • Revision of vehicle systems, hazard detection, and Proactive driving strategies

Course Aims:

  • Reduced death and injury and all their related personal, social and economic costs
  • Greater productivity through increases in vehicle use for fleet operators
  • Greater ability to manage the fleet safely by using fleet safety and incident information.
  • Improve staff morale by providing enjoyable "Team Building" environment and memorable learning experience. 

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Pricing Note

Please note that our business is structured around corporate deliveries with numbers normally ranging from 5 – 14 people. Facility, trainer and insurance costs make training only viable with numbers of 5 and over therefore it can be difficult to conduct training for individuals or small groups. We do however make every endeavour to accommodate these requests by adding these participants requiring training to a small corporate class however there can be a considerable lead time for these opportunities.