Corporate Work Related Driver Safety

TasNetworks Class Corporate Driver Safety – Motorsafe Tasmania "Corporate Driver" Safety Training Courses have been modeled and contextualized for people most commonly working in the Resources, Communications, Infrastructure & Construction Industries.

Our two most popular training modules are Smart Drive-Pro (Defensive Driver Training) and 4wd & Recovery (Safe Four Wheel Drive Operation and Recovery), however all our training programs providing a safe and enjoyable practical participant learning approach. We utilize our controlled track environment both sealed and for 4WD training courses we offer an exclusive off road training range, for real-life experience beyond the theory of online or workbook training programs.


Major areas covered include:


  • Distractions & How To Avoid Them
  • Speed & Safe Distances
  • Alcohol & other Drugs
  • Fatigue & Drowsiness
  • Wet and Dry Driving Activities



  • Drive-line Functions/Systems
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Correct 4WD Functions for Traversing Varying Terrain
  • Safe Vehicle Recovery
  • Sealed and Loose Surface Driving



A few words about WORDS:

WORDS - WOrker Related Driver Safety - is the principle behind Motorsafe Tasmania’s broad range of training programs designed to address the many issues facing employers and employees who are responsible for workplace safety while driving on the job.

Changes to Work Health and Safety Laws now see “employers” as “persons conducting a business undertaking” (PCBU) and “employees” as “workers”, the former including a volunteer organisation which employs any person to carry out work while a worker can include a volunteer.

Subsequently, all relevant WHS rules can apply. If you are a PCBU “you must ensure the health and safety of workers, including volunteers you engage; consult with them on WHS matters; and provide them with the necessary information, training and supervision”.

If you are a volunteer “you must take reasonable care for your own (and other people’s) health and safety...and comply with any reasonable WHS instructions, policies and procedures given by the PCBU.”

Motorsafe Tasmania offers a range of driver training from practical courses state-wide, on-site workshops to 4WD and Recovery and can assist you in formulating policies and practices that can save you the inconvenience and cost, both human and material, of vehicles crashes. You may even be able to save on your insurance premiums but most important of all, avoid any WHS-related issues arising from ignorance or negligence.

Motorsafe Tasmania - Road & Track Driver Training Programs "Creating Safer Workers with Safer Thinking"