Motorsafe Tasmania is able to access the safe & secure confines of Baskerville raceway.

This allows us to simulate real road conditions – including wet surfaces – and utilise straight sections of bitumen for obstacle avoidance and braking exercises, especially the application and experience of ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) found on most modern vehicles.

Strict speed limits apply while the exercises take place.

This location also has realistic but challenging off-track 4WD courses including water hazards, hill-climbing, rough terrain and obstacles and areas for recovery and winching exercises.

There also grassed and undulating areas for ATV and other ride-on training.


Our southern training venue is located at Old Beach, a 20 minute drive from the Hobart city centre.



Motorsafe Tasmania operate a number of driving facilities throughout Tasmania.

We have the best facilities to provide the best training courses: Smart Drive, 4WD Courses, Defensive Driver Training