4WD Driver Training – Tasmania

4WD Training Symmons Plains

4WD Driver Training Tasmania

Drive and Recover a 4WD Vehicle is very popular with Government and Corporate groups wishing to engage their employees in a program that prepares them to safely operate a 4WD vehicle without putting themselves in danger, doing damage to the vehicle and also lessening the potential impact to the environment.

This unique full day course utilising your companies 4WD (or personal 4WD) consists of both interactive class based training and off road driving range and recovery activities.

Motorsafe Tasmania’s trainers partner with ARB Hobart to deliver safe operating techniques for all late model Four Wheel Drive (4WD) and All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles.  Training is conducted at MST Driver Training facilities at Baskerville or Symmons Plains Raceway.  These venues both have purpose built off road training circuits that provide a perfect environment for our trainers to assist each participant to: Safely operate a 4WD vehicle, identify appropriate vehicle recovery equipment, determine the correct rated recovery points and associated equipment to safely conduct incident free winch and/or snatch recoveries.

Course Content:

  • Complexity of Travel and Journey Planning
  • Safe Loading Practices and Responsibilities
  • Pre-Departure Processes
  • Fault Reporting Methods
  • Tyre Management Processes
  • Identify Factors Affecting Tyre Size, Fitment, Rating, and Pressures
  • Identifying Various Driveline Configurations and Their Correct Use
  • Surveying Tracks and Identifying Hazards
  • Minimising Damage to the Environment
  • Engaging 4WD, Front Hubs and Centre Diff Lock (where required)
  • Engaging Low Range (where required)
  • Engaging Appropriate Gear Range for Conditions
  • Hill Decent Control
  • Driving in Various Challenging Off Road Scenarios
  • Identifying PPE Required for Safe Vehicle Recovery
  • Identify Risks Associated With Vehicle Recovery
  • Implementing Strategies to Minimise Risks When Conducting Vehicle Recoveries
  • Identifying Rated Recovery Points and Preparing Vehicle for Recovery
  • Selecting the Appropriate Recovery Methodology
  • Conducting Winch/Snatch Recoveries
  • Performing Post Recovery Checks

Maximum Participants: 14

Minimum Participants: See below

Our business is structured around corporate deliveries with participant numbers ranging from 6 – 14 per class.  Facility, trainer and insurance costs make training only viable with numbers of 6 or more. We do accommodate groups less than 6 or individuals when there is availability in a booked class.

“We do not offer any online training as we find it does not cater successfully for all learning styles and does not enhance practical driving skills”.

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