Baskerville Training Facilities (South)

Baskerville Training Facilities are located on the eastern side of the  Derwent River at 473 Baskerville Rd, Old Beach which is a northern suburb of Hobart.  Baskerville is approximately a 20 minute drive from the centre of Hobart and the easiest route is to take the C327 from Old Beach. Once you have arrived at Baskerville, you will be greeted at the gate by one of our friendly trainers who will give you directions to the training facility.

Pepsi Max Baskerville Raceway contains a safe closed road environment to ensure complete safety and uninterrupted driver training when carrying out the practical driving activities. This environment also allows Motorsafe Tasmania to simulate real road conditions, including wet surfaces and we utilise straight sections of bitumen for obstacle avoidance, steering and car control and braking exercises. This location also has a realistic and challenging off-road 4WD course which includes water hazards, hill climb and descent, rough terrain and areas for recovery and winching exercises.