Defensive Driver Training – Tasmania

Defensive Driver Training – Tasmania

Motorsafe Tasmania’s Defensive Driver Training, Smart Drive – Pro is aligned with the Qualification TLIC1051 Operate Commercial Vehicle.

Safe driving in today’s traffic environments requires the adoption of a behaviour called Defensive Driving.  Defensive driving encourages drivers to adopt principals that prioritize the safety of the driver and everyone in their immediate vicinity above anything else. The foundation of all defensive drivers is hazard perception. The early anticipation of hazards is crucial to driving safely and all defensive drivers are able to spot hazards further ahead on the road, allowing them to prepare a plan on how to deal with the potential threat before reaching it.  We do not teach nor promote any skids or slides instead we focus on changing drivers attitudes towards road safety so that these situations do not occur.

Our unique interactive training program is very popular with businesses, government and corporate groups and not for profit organizations.  Many safety conscious businesses seek to enhance the well-being of their staff whom are often conducting duties/services that require them to spend many hours on roads, highways, urban and gravel roads. Many of this demographic are operating out of their company vehicles on; job sites, carting equipment/freight, transporting patients, meeting clients etc, therefore enduring night and day driving, fatigue, stress and at times they are often required to drive multiple vehicles from car pools in varying road and weather conditions.  Motorsafe Tasmania’s pool of industry experts have identified the complexities and risks associated with these driving duties and have created a new, interactive, safe and enjoyable defensive driver training program which is committed to minimizing personal injury and workplace driving incidents.

Smart Drive-Pro Defensive Driver Training is suitable for all road users that have held a full drivers license for a minimum of 2 years and wish to gain current driver training skills and knowledge and most importantly gain proficiency in Safe Driving Practices. This full day course utilising your companies vehicle (or personal vehicle) consists of both interactive class based training and multiple driving activities.  Our training program engages with the many transitioning safety functions and features available in today’s modern motor vehicles and is suitable for passenger cars, people movers, 4 wheel drives, all wheel drives and light commercial vehicles.

Course Content:

  • Employee and Employer Responsibilities
  • Safe Vehicle Loading and Operating Practices
  • Vehicle Pre-Start and Fault Reporting Procedures
  • Companies Driving Policies and Procedures (if available)
  • Tyre Management
  • Vehicle Manufacturers Safety Systems:
    • Autonomous Emergency Braking
    • Active Lane Keep Assist
    • Side Blind Zone Alerts
    • Adaptive Cruise Control
    • Anti-Lock Braking Systems
    • Electronic Stability Program
    • Traction Control Systems
  • Basic Vehicle Maintenance Procedures
  • Implementing Fatigue Management Strategies
  • Correct Seat Positioning and Adjustments
  • Travel Journey Planning
  • Safe Driving Practices:
    • Crash Avoidance Space (CAS)
    • Perception Reaction Time (PRT)
    • Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions / Compromised Road Surfaces
    • Managing Potential Distractions
    • Reversing Processes
    • Head on Collision Avoidance
    • Preventing Target Fixation
    • Emergency Braking
    • Emergency Lane Changing

Course Aims:

  • Confirms your organisations commitment to establishing good driving practices for all employees.
  • Identify and operate correctly the driver assist technologies available in a modern motor vehicle.
  • Reduce potential of death and injury and all related personal, social and economic costs.
  • Provide awareness for companies driving policies and procedures (excellent for new staff and as a refresher).
  • Potential for fewer insurance claims and out of pocket expenses.
  • Increase ability to remain in control of a vehicle in a potential hazardous situation.
  • Boost staff morale by providing an enjoyable “Team Building Day” with a memorable learning experience.

Maximum Participants: 14
Minimum Participants: See below

Our business is structured around corporate deliveries with participant numbers ranging from 6 – 14 per class.  Facility, trainer and insurance costs make training only viable with numbers of 6 or more. We do accommodate groups less than 6 or individuals when there is availability in a booked class.

“We do not offer any online training as we find it does not cater successfully for all learning styles and does not enhance practical driving skills”.

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