Trailer Towing – Tasmania

Trailer Towing Course – Tasmania

Motorsafe Tasmania’s “Incident Free Trailer – Loading, Towing and Reversing” module is very popular with employers that require their employees to tow a trailer as part of their job role.  Many incidents occur because the requirements and responsibilities that are associated with towing are not entirely understood by the driver/s and correct practices and procedures are not observed.

This full day course utilising your tow vehicle and trailer consists of both interactive class based information training and practical trailer towing exercises.  A component of the training includes identification and confirmation of employers/work towing requirements, legal obligations, preparation prior to hitching, disconnecting and park up.  Driving activities include, manoeuvring, reversing and parking of trailer, accident avoidance driving exercises, target fixation avoidance and spatial awareness activities.

This training module is delivered by qualified trainers who also have current skills and accreditation to assess both vehicle and trailer compliance.

Course Content:

  • Legal Requirements When Towing
  • Risks and Rules of Towing
  • Tow Bars & Safety Chains
  • Weight Distribution and Load Leveling Devices
  • Safely Connecting & Disconnecting Trailer to Vehicle
  • Perform Preliminary Safety Checks
  • Loading/Load Positioning and Security of Loads
  • Electronic Brake Controllers
  • Minimising Risk of Incidents Whilst Towing a Trailer
  • Safe Towing Techniques
  • Sway Control
  • Trailer Reversing Techniques

Course Aims:

  • Understanding Definitions Along With the Risks and Rules of Towing
  • Gain Knowledge for Trailer Safety Check “Pre-Connect Inspection”
  • Gain an Understanding of Trailer Loading/Weight Legal Requirements
  • Gain an Understanding of Correct Load Securing Practice
  • Identify How to Avoid Potentially Dangerous Situations
  • Apply Safe Driving Practices to Minimise the Risks of Incidents
  • Increase Ability to Remain in Control of the Vehicle Whilst Towing in a Potential Hazardous Situation
  • Obtain Technical Information and Current Legislation

Maximum Participants:   8

Please note that our “Incident Free Trailer – Loading, Towing and Reversing” module is structured around corporate deliveries and due to facility, trainer and insurance costs we can not cater for individuals.

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